Online Classes 國際視訊

Since 2018, Nanya elementary School has been having special online classes. Volunteers from other countries come to talk to the students through the computer. The kids get to use the English they learn in class. At first, they are a little shy and nervous, but then they really start to enjoy it. They make new friends from far away places and learn about how people live in different parts of the world. It's exciting for them to learn and make the world feel like a friendlier place, all from their classroom. They learn so much more than just English; they learn about friendship and how different and interesting the world is.


Vocabulary: online 線上的/ volunteer 志工/ country 國家/ computer 電腦/ nervous 緊張的/ different 不同的/ exciting 令人興奮的/ friendly 友善的/ friendship 友誼

 Equipment for Online Classes 視訊設備