Nanya Elementary School 湳雅國小簡介

Welcome to Nanya Elementary School. We're like a big family here, and we've been around since 1952. Our school is very close to beautiful mountains, and we learn a lot from nature and stories around us. We learn about books, English, how to be healthy, and how to be kind. Our teachers help us be creative and love learning every day. We're proud of how well we do in learning and being healthy, and we know how to be safe and help each other. At Nanya Elementary, we learn, play, and grow together. Come join us on a fun adventure of learning.



Vocabulary: mountain 山/ nature 大自然/ healthy 健康的/ kind 善良的; 好心的/ creative 有創意的/ learn 學習/ proud 自豪的/ safe 安全的/ each other 彼此/ adventure 冒險