Welcome to Nanya Elementary School

Cultivating Young Minds in Nature’s Embrace: Established in 1952, Nanya Elementary School, with around 180 students, is nestled at the picturesque foothills of the Bagua Mountain range. Our location between Shetou Township and Yuanlin City enriches our students' learning with the cultural and natural heritage of the region.

Holistic Education for Future Leaders: Our dedicated team is committed to nurturing diverse talents in our students through a curriculum that emphasizes reading, English learning, moral values, and physical health. We aim to create an environment that is both educational and nurturing, fostering creativity and lifelong learning.

A Legacy of Excellence: Nanya Elementary is recognized for its educational achievements, including awards in reading promotion, health promotion, and character education. We are also a leader in disaster prevention education, ensuring a safe and resilient learning community.

Join Our Journey: Explore our website to discover how Nanya Elementary is shaping bright futures and inspiring the next generation. Together, we’re building a foundation for lifelong success.